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Update, Some Thoughts


  • moved to eleventy
  • sizing
  • maintenance

Things that might actually be more of a problem:

  • accessibility

I'm struggling to understand accessible web architecture, to be honest. Stuff like alt text makes sense to me, stuff like having sections with titles for headers for ids for --

What are screen readers even doing, is my point, I think. In the end, I'll just have to get an accessibility read of the site at some point. I'm trying, okay?

A gif of Daniel Racliffe saying, "I tried, and therefore no-one should criticise me"

This is me on any given day.

At least eleventy made me upgrade my CSS (by a lot) and will make maintenance a lot easier. I'm just going to have to learn a significant amount of programming to alter it in ways that make things more accessible, I think.

As for easter eggs, they're just going to be added as I go. We'll see how they work out.