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Where Do We Go From Here?

I... have a lot of ideas for this website and no ideas for this website. Same with the rest of my life right now.

I need to finish a project for my cousin. I haven't forgotten about it, I just got sick and lost my groove.

I want to add a sort of scavenger hunt to this site. Not sure how well I can do that. I think it would be fun though. I also don't have a storyline for any scavenger hunt I would do, though.

I would like to learn more programming. That's a definite.

I also definitely want to look at things like my CSS and HTML to consolidate it to as simple as possible while achieving the same result. As-is, it's very... newbie-messy. Lots of overlap in classes, etc, because I took each one at a time instead of using multiple selectors, for example. And I still don't understand some of the html stuff for accessibility -- if anything I'm getting more frustrated, because while there's all this 'stuff' for html accessibility, a lot of it doesn't act like your simple div when it comes to css, which is exhausting to debug and figure out how to fix.

I need to update my recs pages. I made them partially for myself to track what I liked/didn't like, but I've already fallen behind in updating them. Also there's so much past stuff to add to them.

This is one of the reasons I'd love to learn more programming. I'm sure there's a way to make Eleventy do a lot of that work for me: sticking the information into the html.

Also I'm just so tired and it's ruining my productivity. I have to re-analyze how many spoons I have and how long I can expect these things to take, reasonably.

I have a lot of things I want to write up. That's a huge part of it as well.

We'll see what my New Year's resolutions end up being!