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Fic Recs, other Recs, and UGH

I'm slowly filling out the rec sections, whoo! A few fic recs and a new website (webcomic! I love webcomics) have joined the recommendations.

Unfortunately, I'm not 100%, which is why I'm on the computer instead of working on other things. I've been bleh for a while, chronic illness acting up, but then I got what I'm pretty sure is COVID, and I'm just not having a great time at all. 0/10. No stars.

On the other hand, I still managed to get the dishes done this weekend, so go me! I've been at least a little productive. I still kind of want to cry. Hopefully I'm well enough to go into work tomorrow, because I don't want to call out again. It's getting old.

Oh! and P.S.: I got the RSS feed working! I like RSS as a medium, it's a nice way to cut out ads and format your internet experience, so if that's also your vibe, the link is in the footer!