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Well That Happened

So: switched from commentics to isso. I like the layout a lot better for this, it's not an iframe, and I can make the comments by default anonymous, which is what I wanted.

I've switched servers, and now have:

And in making all those I've learned a lot about

  • docker
  • nginx
  • apache2
  • eleventy
  • isso

So, progress, I think.

On the downside, I did have to get rid of tinysearch because the compiler kept erroring out on me. I guess I'm going to look for another search function.

Meanwhile, at work, I'm project managing for the first time in my professional life (managing projects in college doesn't count) and we'll see how I do. I'm apprehensive. I knew this would be stepping out of my comfort zone, but this is a project that needs to get done and nobody was doing it.


And to top it off, I'm still exhausted post-Covid. Ugh.

Goals for the webbed site:

  • eventual eleventy walkthrough (again)
  • fix the rss, because I have no idea why it's not working properly
  • embed my activitypub in the sidebar
  • figure out how to put webmentions in the comments (there's an addon, I just don't understand it)
  • put up photo booth
  • make a chronological archive? I kind of want to see if I can make one that looks like a calendar, ish. We'll see.
  • might add a 'featured' section on the front page for recommending favourite RSS feeds or something similar.
  • add my contacts to the sidebar

I still want to finish the CSS course I was taking. I really didn't understand the shapes lesson I did last time, and may end up using a different site to learn that. After CSS I'm trying Javascript.