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Manifesto Thoughts

So I've finally compiled my very basic and to the point (literally, it's in bullet points) internet manifesto for this site.

My Net Manifesto

Previously I didn't really understand the point of these manifestos, but I guess this is sort of like a promise to myself; a code of conduct, I guess, for myself, and how I intend to interact with others on the internet.

I think mine is a little different in that I primarily see the internet as an art form and information hub. I find web development in itself to be an art form. Coding is an art form. And we use it to share art: writing, visual art, games, just -- art of all kinds. (You'll note I refuse to use the word 'content' -- I'm not content, you're not content, art is not content to be bought and sold and gather views.)

I'm also a huge proponent of internet privacy -- the right to be anonymous on the net and respected as such. Therefore I am not here to hack private entities, doxx, or otherwise track the identity of those I meet online. Personal information should be shared consensually and with full understanding of what that means.

Both of those things being said: corporations are not people and corporations hold no inherent right to art. While I have a high respect for artists, I have no respect whatsoever for large corporations who claim to own the IP of creators' art, regardless of whether those creators were employed by them at the time. I also believe that when such corporations make said art inaccessible by any reasonable means, archiving and sharing said art is the right of any human who cares about human history and art.

When anyone, however, refuses to grant others basic respect and humanity on the basis of any bigotry, I consider they have forfeited their own right to the same. I can, intend to, and will block and otherwise shut down any bigotry I find in or on any site I have the power to moderate. There will be no apologies for this.

Basically, I believe that humans deserve respect, the right to create art, and the right to share it. I give corporations no such rights.